Mini Facial

30 mins $90.00

Cleanse, hydrate and revitalise the skin with professional grade products that will indulge the skin and senses. Reduce the appearance of open pores, hydrate the skin and soothe any sensitivity. Leave behind skin that is completely stress free and glows with radiance.

Deep Cleanse Facial

40 mins $115.00

Reduce oiliness and balance the complexion. We combine the deep cleansing properties of kaolin and clay and squalene with cooling witch hazel, balancing glacial water and jojoba micro-spheres to purify and decongest. Leave pores refined and complexion smooth and clear

Reverse Facial

55 mins $145.00

A deep cleansing facial that restores balance, preparing your skin to receive daily care and leaving it feel light and completely cleansed

Soothe Facial

55 mins $145.00

This facial is the ultimate n hydration, plumping you skin tissue and leaving your complexion radiant.

Redefine Facial

55 mins $145.00

The Vitality Radiance Treatment revitalises and energises skin which has become dull due to tiredness, giving your skin an instant radiant glow and smooth.

Collagen Infusion Facial

55 mins $199.00

One of the most effective anti-ageing facial treatments, infusing pure collagen onto the skin for a luxurious and replenishing boost. We massage the hands, feet and scalp whilst the collagen fleece infuses into the skin. Ideal for skin with sun-damage, sensitivity, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. Helps to reduce fine lines, capillaries, refine pores and soothe irritation.